Interested in Clinical Trials?

As an ALS patient, it can be overwhelming to find out about all clinical trials that may be ongoing out there. Here is a link where all ALS related clinical trials are reported. You can then find out more information by going to different ones.

All trials may not be right for you. We suggest you speak to your physician about which ones may be right for you. Some interesting ones are below.

All trials may not be right for you. We suggest you speak to your physician about which ones may be right for you. Some interesting ones are below.

HEALEY ALS Platform Trial

This is the first ALS platform trial, accelerating the path to new ALS therapies by testing multiple treatments at once, reducing the cost of research by 30%, decreasing the trial time by 50% and increasing patient participation by 67%.


BrainGate Clinical Trials

The purpose of the pilot clinical study of the BrainGate2 Neural Interface System is to obtain preliminary device safety information and to demonstrate the feasibility of people with tetraplegia using the investigational BrainGate system to control a computer cursor and other assistive devices with their thoughts.


CIRM Funded Clinical Trials

ALS is a devastating neurodegenerative disease with no cure that specifically affect a patient’s motor neurons in the brain. A team at Cedars-Sinai is transplanting millions of genetically engineered stem cells into patients with ALS. When transplanted into the patient spinal cord, these cells become astrocytes, the support cells that keep nerve cells functioning. Due to the genetic modifications, the cells also deliver high doses of a growth factor which has been shown to protect nerve cells. The goal of this early stage trial is to test the safety of this astrocyte replacement strategy in ALS patients.


T-Regulatory Cells in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

This Pilot Study will consist of 4 ALS subjects who will undergo 4 infusions of autologous expanded Tregs with concomitant subcutaneous injections of IL-2 (2 x 105 IU/m2) 3 times weekly for 52 weeks or at least until such time that interim analyses can confirm or negate its benefit.




ALS TDI is a non-profit biotechnology research organization with 40 full time researchers devoted to finding viable treatments and cures for ALS.


A bone marrow stem cell based treatment that aims to replace lost cells to provide neurotrophic support to motor neurons. The trial is currently in phase 3. It involves 3 consecutive treatments separated by a few weeks. It is located at MGH, UMass Medical, CPMC, UC-Irvine, and Mayo-Rochester. 


  • Since it is on phase three and has shown promising results for fast progressors, it may be one of the most promising clinical trials right now.


  • Participants of this trial are not allowed to be taking Radicva (Edaravone) simultaneously.
  • The trial is 50% placebo controlled.