Scientists in the field of ALS have been working extraordinarily hard for over 80 years since Lou Gehrig publicized ALS. The Ice Bucket Challenge added millions to fund research. Unfortunately, ALS as a disease has eluded us. The good news is, we have gotten closer in the last 5 years than we have in the 75 years before that. This is because we are looking at different aspect of ALS, different potential root causes.  

We believe ALS is not a simple disease with a single cause. It is multifactorial. It has many potential triggers and components, all of which need to be addressed. These can range anywhere from gut microbiome, toxins, heavy metals, autoimmune components, retroviruses, infectious agents, neuroinflammation, and much more. Since it took 80 years to develop two drugs, neither of which are very effective, we as scientists need to look at a cocktail of therapies. This HAS to be a combination of alternative and traditional treatments … not just a single pill or drug, rather a combination of lifestyle, supplements, regenerative medicine, detoxification, mind-body medicine and potentially some different pharmaceuticals if discovered to be safe and effective.  

Our goal is to share what we have learned and gathered with hundreds of thousands so they don’t have to do the research themselves. So that patients and families can have the research at their fingertips and focus on their healing.  Our family did not have this luxury.  We want it to be different for you!


The ALSFRS-R scale

The ALSFRS-R scale (Revised ALS Functional Rating Scale) is a concrete demonstration of your stage of the disease. It is an important resource to better gauge where you are and what your options are.