Can ALS be reversed? This is a controversial and tough question. The short answer is “Anything is Possible”.  This may come with criticisms of giving false hope. The idea of sharing the stories of reversals is not one of giving “false” hope but of giving REAL HOPE!  Dr. Richard Bedlack of Duke University has worked tirelessly with his team and identified, to date, 43 ALS Reversals. We salute him for his work. A reversal does not mean COMPLETE return of function. It does, however, mean significant improvement. If anyone can do this, YOU CAN! We at ALS Heroes are now working very hard to identify commonalities amongst the reversals. This goal of giving hope and sharing ideas is what led us to co-host the Healing ALS Conference October 18-20, 2019, where we have 9 of the actual reversals speaking and sharing their stories. We will be sharing this information via live stream for all who cannot attend. Our goal is to touch lives, make a difference, and end the suffering caused by ALS to patients and families.

If you have been to your ALS doctors only to be told, “there is nothing we can do, there are no effective treatments and no cure. You have 2-5 years to live,” the first thing we would advise is don’t accept the prognosis and keep your inner light bright.  Stay positive, continue living, make healthy lifestyle choices, begin mind-body work and surround yourself with love and light. We are compiling recommendations for other well studied protocols that will be easy to implement. Stay tuned.