EyeGaze Technology

Tobi Dynavox The eye gaze is a technology that synthesizes with your eye movements and allows you to type words with your eyes. It is a very useful tool if you lose the ability to speak or if it is difficult or painful to speak.

Motorized Wheelchair

A Motorized Wheelchair is excellent to generate a renewed feel of independence. You will be able to get around on your own without being dependent on those around you. And this way, if someone parks you facing a wall you can turn yourself around! 

Emergency Button

An emergency button is a very good thing to have in case a PAL needs something urgent. The button we used is the SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

For ease of transportation with a wheelchair. Our van manufacturer is BraunAbility

Sleep Number Mattress

The Sleep Number Mattress has been our best friend the last few months.


The AVAP/BIPAP Machine has been clinically shown to open up the chest cavity and allow for deeper breathing. Having this on at least 8 hours a day can have a significant effect on the prognosis of the disease.


The Cough Assist is aimed to exercise the coughing muscles such as the diaphragm to strengthen breathing and aid in clearing of phlem and mucus.


The decision to get a feeding tube could be the best decision you make if made at the right time. Here are three reasons why you should consider one. 

  1. In ALS you will have an unusually high metabolism since calories are needed to breakdown muscles. 
  2. You will lose weight exponentially with a loss of muscle mass. 
  3. It may become more and more tedious and frustrating to eat with the loss of swallowing function

Administering feeds:

  1. Bolus Feeds using gravity
  2. Feeding Pump

Types of feeds:

  1. Home-made blended feeds
  2. Preblended feeds

*Patients may get nauseous with heavy feeds in which case, the volume and density should be regulated*

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