My Hero

Every day with this diagnosis presents refreshed challenges and obstacles to overcome but despite the unimaginable emotional toll, my dad has found a way to remain optimistic and not let this disease define who he is. He has learned how to find reasons to smile in the midst of all the suffering and remain grateful for all the functions he still has. Living with ALS requires a degree of acceptance which is very difficult to obtain. You must accept the powerlessness of your situation and should you decide to pursue treatment, you cannot expect results right away. You must be patient and learn to celebrate the small wins as well as keep hoping for the big ones. In addition, throughout this journey, we have been humbled by how much support, love and care we have received from the Houston community at large and for this we are very grateful. We have discovered that people are at their core truly giving and willing to go out of their way to help those in need. The Houston community at large has My dad has developed such an immense will to live… not just to survive through this, but to thrive, make a difference and leave his mark on the world.