What is Disease?

In simple terms, Disease is Dis-ease: life with disease is not easy. However, disease is merely a circumstance, the background and context of your existence. It is not and could never be the core of your being. 

It does not define you.

When we are given disease, there begins a fresh phase in our lives. A renewed sense of being: renewed perceptions of success and failure, new goals. Often, these perceptions of success and failure become simplified: Success defined as life and failure defined as death. And in reality, not dying cannot be your only motivation. When or how we die is something completely out of our control and we cannot achieve a goal that we have limited impact in executing. 

We require motivation in our lives because motivation is the engine of our lives, pushing us forward, keeping us moving towards something. A car without an engine is useless. That is why many of the diseased become depressed: the loss of motivation leads to a feeling of worthlessness.

One of the most simple of these motivations is bliss. Bliss and gratitude despite having a disease… and sometimes because your disease has taught you gratitude. Another is not to let the disease control your life. You are the same person with a disease as you were without the disease. Carry over the motivations and passions you used to have and adapt them to your current circumstance, or expand your passions. Find a burning passion for something new and follow it. 

Disease is a part of life, not a part of death. 

Whether you have a disease or not, the moment you stop living, you start dying. Living is characterized by moving towards something other than death. A goal. A mission. A passion.