Clinical Trials


Interested in Clinical Trials?

As an ALS patient, it can be overwhelming to find out about all clinical trials that may be ongoing out there. Here is a link where all ALS related clinical trials are reported. You can then find out more information by going to the different ones.

All trials may not be right for you. We suggest you speak to your physician about which ones may be right for you. Some interesting ones are below.


ALS TDI is a non-profit biotechnology research organization with 40 full time researchers devoted to finding viable treatments and cures for ALS. 


A bone marrow stem cell based treatment that aims to replace lost cells to provide neurotrophic support to motor neurons. The trial is currently in phase 3. It involves 3 consecutive treatments separated by a few weeks. It is located at MGH, UMass Medical, CPMC, UC-Irvine, and Mayo-Rochester. 


  • Since it is on phase three and has shown promising results for fast progressors, it may be one of the most promising clinical trials right now.


  • Participants of this trial are not allowed to be taking Radicva (Edaravone) simultaneously.
  • The trial is 50% placebo controlled.

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A trial by AMYLYX involving a medication with TUDCA and phenol butyrate aimed at combatting mitochondrial dysfunction. It is in phase 2 and lasts 24 weeks. 


  • Participants are permitted to be on Radicava (Edaravone) simultaneously. 


  • Placebo controlled. 

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