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"There is a cure out there. We just need to find it."

 -Dr. Ayeez Lalji, Inspiration of ALS Heroes. 

May is ALS awareness month.


ALS Heroes is about honoring the heroes amongst us who have stared devastation in the face only to say “you do not define me!” They have chosen to claim their own destiny and have dedicated their lives to overcoming our common adversary, ALS. 

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Hello there! Welcome to ALS Heroes. My name is Zoe Lalji. My dad, Dr. Ayeez Lalji, was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) in November of 2017. He currently owns 9 dental practices in the Greater Houston Area and is a self-made entrepreneur. The purpose of this website is to be a source of knowledge and guidance to those affected by ALS and those wanting to know more about the disease. ALS is extremely underfunded and essentially unknown in our community and that needs to change. The fight for a cure is just beginning to gain momentum and I truly believe that the key to finally finding a cure and helping thousands around the world is raising awareness. I know that if we can all come together as a community, we can hope to beat this devastating disease. I have created the ALS Heroes in an effort to raise funds in order to generate hope for a cure and treatment options in partnership with many research facilities around the world. My dad is my hero. Join us to help save the day for thousands of other ALS Patients around the world.

What is als?

"When great minds come together, anything is possible." - Dr. Ayeez Lalji

ALS Heroes held our inaugural, first of its kind, ALS MasterMind Summit February 1-3, 2019 in Sugar Land, Texas. The goal of this incredible summit was to find effective treatments and hopefully a cure for ALS. In doing so, we brought together 28 of the world’s most insightful clinicians, scientists and key opinion leaders on ALS with the collective expertise in cell signaling, detoxification, nutrition, electrical energy, genetic signature, muscle atrophy, regenerative medicine and infectious diseases for 3 in-depth and captivating days. The overlying purpose was to dive deep, collaborate and to develop protocols to treat both early and advanced stage ALS patients and give hope to those who currently have none. The group had the combined expertise and experience of over 180 years of research and clinical applications of addressing the underlying etiologies and the mechanism of ALS. 

The ALS MasterMind Summit reviewed the current literature and treatment options, innovative and cutting edge therapies in addition to proof of concept case studies that are saving lives by complete or partial reversal/arrest of ALS progression. This included but was not limited to method and timing of detoxification, nutritional support, autoimmune components, plasmapheresis, stem cells and the role of bacteria, fungi, and mold in immune response and disease progression. The pathologies of early and advanced/ late stage ALS present a host of challenges from locomotion, food intake, absorption, infections, triggers, respiratory difficulties, thrombosis, muscle weakness and atrophy and emotional stability that may require stabilization prior to therapy. The MMS team collectively agreed that the cases of complete or partial ALS reversals were due to a multifaceted therapeutic plan that required real-time patient assessment in order to personalize therapy based on patient response (risks and benefits). This included dosing, route of administration, frequency, spatial separation of medications, patient improvement and adverse reactions. This may foster a robust immune response, energy restoration, nutritional uptake and increased respiratory index that can improve patient outcomes.

The ALS summit highlighted early biomarkers such as gene activity or silencing, protein post modification, the significance of algae, treating Lyme disease, calcium regulation and the role of gallbladder meridian analysis that collectively present a molecular signature of ALS in addition to suggesting that the microenvironment may be driving disease progression. The Lalji ALS Foundation believes that a personalized multidisciplinary approach protocol, that incorporates traditional, functional and Eastern medicine will synergistically address the hallmarks of disease progression associated with ALS. We are committed to curing ALS in this lifetime. The cure or cures for ALS is no longer seen as an unachievable goal once we have collaboration and commitment from all those who are working on it around the world.


"ALS: Tragedy to transformation" TedX talk by Zoe Lalji

A video about my family's battle against ALS and our journey to finding balance and love in the midst of tragedy.

Battling ALS as a family- Great day houston

Aired October 3, 2018 on KHOU 11.

Houston Walk to defeat als 2019


The Houston Walk to Defeat ALS on October 13, 2018 raised $250,000 for the ALS Association.


#TeamAyeez put together the biggest team and raised the second largest sum of money!


Thank you to everyone who came out to this incredible event to support this amazing cause! Each one of you brought us one step closer to the cure!

ALS "speak out with silence" campaign 2019

The First Annual Day of Silence for ALS


Raising awareness for ALS at a high school level.


On October 18, 2018, over 500 high school students at The Village School practiced silence to honor ALS patients who have lost their voices.


For an entire school day, students honored ALS patients and learned more about the disease by opting to practice silence

What is ALS?

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.


ALS (Lou Gerhig's Disease) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that attacks both the upper and lower motor neurons of the body, slowly robbing the body’s ability to walk, talk, move and breathe on its own. The life expectancy is 2-5 years, depending on the disease’s progression, and it affects about 2 out of every 100,000 people. Scientists have been researching fervently for a cure the last 80 years, since Lou Gehrig first raised global awareness for it. However, as of right now, there is essentially no treatment and no cure. Because of this, ALS patients have to somehow generate their own hope as they slowly become prisoners in their own bodies. Many have heard of this disease from the 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised $115 million to fund efforts to treat and cure ALS as well as to support families affected by this brutal disease. It is also the disease Stephen Hawking suffered from. All in all, ALS is a devastating disease, which needs more attention.

My dad is my hero. Join us to help save the day for thousands of ALS patients around the world.


We are all soldiers in the battle to defeat ALS, committed to drawing resources to those affected by this disease. Our medical and research teams are dedicated to finding treatment options to help manage, treat and eventually cure ALS and we invite you to help raise awareness and be a voice for those individuals and their families who suffer with ALS.

With your help, we can work to find a cure and treatment for ALS and help thousands of families who are battling this challenging disease.

Our fundraising efforts go directly to research towards finding a cure for ALS. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring awareness and innovation to finding a cure for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where ALS is a treatable and manageable disease rather than an underfunded and terminal one.

Our Hero

Dr. Ayeez Lalji, inspiration of the foundation, was diagnosed with ALS in November of 2017 and since then, he has been a beacon of relentless strength, resilience, faith and positivity in the face of this unbearable hardship. He remains grateful for the functions he still has and continues to live life courageously every day. He is a true inspiration to everyone he touches. Every day we are in awe by his grace and raw tenacity and resolve, his ability to keep pushing forward, and his refusal to let this disease define who he is.

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ALS Advocates


Our team of advocates is the voice for ALS patients worldwide.



Our medical and research teams work day and night to find treatment options for ALS and hope to ultimately end this devastating disease once and for all.



We are committed to raising awareness and collecting resources for those affected by ALS.

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Living with ALS is very expensive and a simple donation will go towards providing those who are suffering from ALS with medical equipment, assistive technology, and any other medical needs. It would also go towards research to find a cure.

"ALS is not incurable. It Is underfunded." -Dr. stanley appel

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